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17 September 2015 @ 10:34 pm
more pricelessness  
We've now reached the stage where we can have a conversation on more or less anything with Alex. He's articulate, amusing and sharp. He also appears to retain absolutely everything we say and seeks to use new words at the earliest opportunity. But the most cherishable thing at the moment is that he makes us laugh every day.

Some amusing things he's come out with recently:

- Would you like some fruit?
- No, thanks, I'll have a cigarette*.

*our (somewhat inappropriate) nickname for cylindrical wafers from Slovenia.

- Alex, go on, stand in the dinosaur's mouth. It'll be fun.
- No. I'm not in the mood.

- How about a big man's hug, son? [Mateja was out]
- OK... (cuddles)
...I want my lady.

(talking to his plate of pasta)
- I'm going to eat you baby!


This is just a taster. You get the idea.

I'm enjoying this!!