COVID DIARIES - 17/9/2020

"At last I know someone who's got coronavirus — you!"

I've just spent an exhausting afternoon fielding whatsapp messages from well-wishing friends, emailing work and the kids' school and spending a lot of time on the phone with my GP and with the Ministry of Health.

I'm supposed to be resting but people are naturally curious. How long is the isolation period? What about the kids? Are you sleeping in the spare room? When did you first get ill? and so on. It feels like I'm a correspondent reporting live from the scene.

I'll get some sleep tonight, chesty cough permitting. But it's tiring. 

A couple of simple points that need to be made.
— I'm not assymptomatic. However, my symptoms are not that bad. It is so far nothing more than a bad virus and the symptoms are not unfamiliar from previous bouts of colds and 'flu'.

— The doctor is not expecting my state of health to spiral downwards. I'm a reasonably healthy fellow and am not in any of the high-risk categories.

The call from the Ministry of Health was a very thorough investigation of my movements and every person I'd come into contact with in the last seven days. The woman I spoke to was patient and kind, and at no point did I think 'shit, you've got me bang to rights there'. Oh apart from  when I admitted I'd given a couple of friends a lift home on Friday and she asked if we'd worn masks. I told her I didn't wear a mask in the car. Then I had a short-lived pang of self-doubt until I realised that I had been at a the world's most COVID-cautious party ever. Six people ("I repeat I wasn't there with family — it was literally just six mates in the garden") evenly spaced around a barbecue/campfire, sharing no plates or cutlery or whatever, with access from the street. Ministry woman was impressed.

I need a lie down.
I warn you, this diary might get boring.
Let's hope so.


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