April 14 2021 at 10.14pm CET

Chucking this out there unedited (tempting as it is to mess around with it and try and make it read more nicely) as it appeared on facebook the morning after the match. I was still really feeling it from the night before.

It's 10 minutes into the second half. City are losing 1 nil and, as things stand, they're going out of the Champions League. They're turning up the pressure and Dortmund are getting increasingly tired. But it's tense out there.

Dortmund are no mugs and they're defending well. Come on Blues, you can do this!
Foden crosses, Can leans into a header and... the ref points to the penalty spot.

Emotions at this point?

Please, City, yeah I know our record on penalties is dodgy but what a chance, please score...

But hang on, the decision has gone to VAR. Oh shit, the commentators are talking about a technicality in which the ball has glanced Can's head and it therefore might not be a penalty.

A minute ticks by. Close-ups of Can looking worried but also pointing to his head. But surely that arm is too far from his side...

It IS a penalty!

Oh wait, it's Mahrez. Are you sure about this, lads? I sigh and close my eyes. He's had the nuts to volunteer but - though he's playing well - Mahrez has a poor penalty record and my thoughts turn to Anfield when he ballooned that pen into the Mersey.

Steps up and...

He's done it! What a penality - no keeper would've got near that. Well done, Riyad, fella. Look at the air-punch, look at the relief, look at the joy.

And breathe.
Posting this because it was a crucial turning point in the match and the season.
Come on City!!!


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